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Deer Hunting Coaster - Beards & Bucks

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Show your deer hunting pride with these beautiful coasters – the perfect gift for anyone looking to add a refined touch to their home! These elegant pieces are cut from cherry or maple wood, with each board hand selected for the perfect shape, texture, and wood grain to ensure each piece is both eye-catching and unique. The precise craftsmanship that goes into each coaster is guaranteed to make it a treasured part of any room for years to come!

Our circular wood coasters are 4" in diameter, which we have found is the perfect size to place any size water cup, coffee or tea mug, water bottle, can, or glass bottle!


Are LazerEdge wood coasters water and heat resistant? 
Yes, our wood coasters are water and heat resistant! We spray 4 coats of professional furniture grade lacquer on each piece to ensure they are protected. We use the same lacquer that furniture companies use on heavy duty bathroom appliances. Rest assured, your LazerEdge coasters are made to last!

Do LazerEdge wood coasters absorb water?
Our wood coasters do not absorb water because each has 4 coats of professionally applied furniture grade lacquer. When your drink sweats, the water will collect on the coaster and then evaporate. The engraved ring around the outside of the coaster is designed to keep the pool of water on the coaster and off your table.

Is there any maintenance with these coasters?
Think of your LazerEdge coaster as a beautiful piece of furniture - but much less expensive than the table or surface you are trying to protect! While it is not necessary to do any maintenance, you can use any furniture polish on your LazerEdge coaster to make it shine like new!

My coaster has accumulated some white residue on it. What is it and how do I get it off?
Water has a small amount of minerals in it and when water evaporates in the same spot over and over again, those minerals are left behind and start to collect and appear as white residue. All you have to do to clean it off your coaster is a drop of soap and a light scrub with water. 

Will these coasters scratch my table?
Our coasters will not scratch your table because we put high quality cork on the back of each coaster. This cork prevents scratching as well as slipping. 

How thick is each coaster?
The wood we use is 1/4" thick and we put a 1/8" thick cork on the back giving each coaster a total thickness of 3/8". This thickness gives our coasters stability as well as weight so they do not move around or get stuck to the bottom of your glass. 

Can I order custom coasters such with my own logo or design?
Absolutely! If you would like custom coasters made, please navigate to the "Custom Orders tab on our website or email us at

Can I leave my wooden coasters outside on my deck or patio?
Our wooden coasters were designed for indoors, but because of the quality professional grade finish, you can leave them outdoors as long as they are protected from the elements (heavy rain, strong gusts of wind, snow, etc). Safe outdoor locations to leave your coasters are inside a screened in porch or a covered patio. 

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